Brian J Morgan

Adventure -Travel - Fashion


I am a photographer who captures clean, beautiful, powerful moments. My extensive knowledge and experience allow focusing and finding a moment. I enjoy the challenge of managing the production of a shot, to capturing wanderlust, or combining the two. 

I appreciate you spending time looking at a sample of my work. 

I'm proud my talents have allowed me to have 20+ years as a photographer including graduating with A Bachelor's of Fine Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am honored that this career has allowed me to meet amazing communities and see unbelievable parts of the world.

At the same time, the challenge of landscape photography of packing gear, hiking and dealing with nature provides logistical issues that lead to one-of-kind experiences. 

My passion for this medium includes each stage of the process; from being a visionary of a shoot to coordinating all unique artistic elements like models, location, hair make up, and wardrobe to selecting, editing and producing the final product.

Photography allows you to observe and paint an allusion that others can draw a story and connection, and I love sharing that with the world.



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